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Too Good To Be Threw is a Consignment Store in San Antonio TX.

At our consignment store you can purchase women’s, mens and bridal fashion, furniture and decor. We are a Consignment Store not a Thrift store.

We feature fashion designers such as Prada, Gucci, Tory Burch, Louis Vuitton.

We also feature furniture brands such as Ethan Allen, Marge Carson, Maitland-Smith, Hooker, Bernhardt, Thomasville, Pottery Brand and Restoration Hardware and many more.







How To Consign With Us - Too Good To Be Threw

How To Consign With Us

It’s time to set the record straight! Too Good to be Threw is a consignment shop. At times, consignment and thrift can be mistaken for the same thing, but they are different in many ways. So, here are the differences that make each store their own.

Most thrift stores are donation-based and center on a not-for-profit organization. Even though it’s frowned upon to donate bad quality items, thrift stores accept donation goods in the form of clothes, shoes, and accessories and don’t question the material or value of the product. The items are sorted out and priced and sent out to the sales floor.

In consignment stores, an individual will bring in a gently used item for evaluation in order to determine if the product will sell well in that space. If the product passes, the store will sell the item(s) on behalf of the original owner and accept a percentage of the sale price. Some consignment stores will buy the product from the owner up front.

You can argue that the biggest difference between consignment and thrift is the quality of merchandise. The second biggest difference are the prices. As the saying goes, you definitely get what you pay for at each type of store. While items found at a consignment stores are typically gently used or new, with some determined value to a new owner, similar items found at a thrift store are more often of lower quality and condition, so the admonition of “buyer beware” is all the more important to keep in mind.

Visit a consignment store like Too Good when you’re in search of new work clothing, something specific not likely to be found at a thrift store, and name brand items. Drop by today and see what we have in store.

About Thrift Stores - Too Good To Be Threw

About Thrift Stores

Thrift store items are subjected to far less scrutiny because they are strictly donated; thus, you will find everything from clothing, accessories and dishes to baking utensils, books, games, furniture and more. Thrift stores often contain some treasures but the experience is overwhelming for some because the sites are overloaded and somewhat disorderly at times.

Thrift stores are often launched to help with a charity or nonprofit organization. Prices are often very good, but remember, the quality of the item you purchase may not be as good or as long-lived as purchasing it new or from a consignment store. Thrift stores will have a set price for most items. For example, all men’s pants might be $3.99, while all books are $1. Items are not priced based on retail cost or brand labels. This can be wonderful if you are retail savvy and understand the costs of various brands, labels or styles. You can find good deals at thrift stores and your money spent will go on to help others in a time of need.